Conservatism: Constitutional Adjudication



(Harvard Law Library)


I find it remarkable that the latest entry at Harvard Law’s The Situationist was given the opportunity to present itself.  Perhaps conservatism must – at times – be equated with stupidity.  Conservatism, after all, does have its survival value for those who are stupid.  (I say what I like regardless, but it would seem I have additional right to this opinion, as I do not chew, keep my hair reasonably short, grew up in a Republican home, married a virgin, and now find myself a completely monogamous – depending on what you do with some of Jesus’ harder sayings – bread-winner for a wife and four-home schooled children.)


“That Judge is completely unqualified for adjudication on the US Supreme Court. Before we know it, she will be adjudicating according to principles taught to first year students in today’s law schools!” (damn woman ruling the damned be damned)


A similar principle seems to have ran its course over the last century with respect to clerics and academic theology and exegesis.


This leads to another thought: I have just seen an HBO series on John Adams (Netflix). I highly recommend it.  

I also recommend Landskroon Port – although a little on the sweet side.  I am currently enjoying a glass as I write this very important, earth shattering post.  At least I provided you with a helpful link.  More on Faith and Reason this weekend . . .

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