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‘Praise’ for Pooh’s Think

Posted By metzler On February 27, 2009 @ 7:01 pm In | Comments Disabled

The following is a fairly random sampling of encouraging (and a few not so encouraging) comments I received in my inbox from December 2005 to beginning of 2007, the time of  ’the story’ of Pooh’s Think. I have changed names, but kept gender in tact.  These comments come from a wide variety of people; none come from close family and only two come from long-term friends. Some come from local people, some from people very far away; some come from people close to the situation, and some come from those with very little knowledge of the background — genuine third parties. Some are home school moms, some students, and some pastors.  Some are Christians, and some are atheists. Here it is, the story told via my Inbox:

Michael, I quickly read your opening thoughts and post on covenant; very interesting stuff.  . . . I  like your site; keep firing away!   – Sam  (12-5-05)

I’m happy to see you have this site up and running, I’ll be a frequent reader and an infrequent poster.  — David (12-5-05)

Mr. Metzler, Very impressed with your stuff on Wilson.  –Luke (12-9-05)

Remember your Godfather – keep your friends close but your enemies closer. And be cautious of the one who comes with the peace offering. – An old friend (12-12-05)

I would advise watching your back. Hang in there but be careful.  –Fred (12-16-05)

Just wanted to encourage you in your continued efforts . . .  I saw your link to Terry Morin’s Christ Church pages – linking that took some cajones, man.  Way to go. . . When I went to Mr Wilson with concerns . . . he became so manipulative that I had to go to others . . . That said, I admire those who, like you, dig in, and stay.  . . . –Larry (12-19-05)

Hang in there, man.  If it hasn’t begun already, you’re about to have folks saying you’re caught up in some deep-seated spiritual problem(s).   – Ned (12-20-05)

I like your blog.  – Joe (12-22-05)

Walk carefully through the TULIPS, my friend.  These men are not interested in compromise or looking at themselves for the source of the conflict(s) in question.  They will look elsewhere and the more public you are the sooner you will become a target. Be prepared, in other words!   — Steve   (12-23-05)

I admire you, Michael. – Scott (12-24-05)

Good luck on your blog – it is interesting reading.  You are a brave man. Emma (12-29-05)

Michael, I just want to let you know that after some perusal of your blog, I appreciate the sentiments you’ve been expressing.  . . .  I sense that you truly do wish to have cordial relations with those who don’t necessarily share your worldview.  I also know enough to realize the heat you’re undoubtedly taking.  – John   (1-4-06)

I am a fan of your website and a current student at Logos School. I just wanted to say that there are some of us at Logos [that] think what you are doing is very brave. –Tigger (1-11-06)

Your post is full of absurd ideas.. . . just forget it . . .I’m not even going to read the rest

–A Kirk ‘friend’ (1-11-06)  [I have sprinkled in some of the more critical comments for context.]

You have posted some very cogent, apt material here — especially about social dependencies.  –Evan (2-20-06)

These posts and comments on Doug’s blog and the resulting info shared on Pooh’s Think opened our eyes to see that a man, whom we had trusted and believed to be fair and impartial in his handling of various books and ideas was actually capable of subjectively spinning something for his own purposes.  Though we didn’t (and still don’t) understand his reasons for mishandling and mischaracterizing McLaren, the fact that you demonstrated this point by your postings was instrumental.  . . .  the McLaren issue was the key to opening our eyes…because it revealed something that had hitherto remained hidden from our view.  Exposing that side of Wilson’s character then led to consideration of the “Letter Without Signatures”  (LWS) with an entirely different perspective.  –A Kirker  (3-6-06)

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your boldness, straightforward challenges, and demonstrations of inconsistencies. It’s brilliant. Go Pooh go. Barry (3-20-06)

I’ve been reading Poohtshink for at least a couple of months.  This is to thank you for the very important work you are doing  –John (4-2-06)

This evening Bob and I were reading today’s Wood posts and we enjoyed them tremendously. Bob has his pc shut down for the night so he wanted me to tell you “they were killer!” ! Thank you for what you are doing. Lynn  (4-20-06)

Keep up the good work Michael. The worst that can happen to you is that you stand on your own two feet. As much he might wish it, Mr. Wilson does not influence God’s plan for your life. –Mike (4-6-06)

I am a regular reader of your blog who wishes to remain anonymous . . . I appreciate what you are trying to do, and wish you the best, . . . –Linda (4-7-06)

I immensely respect your voice. . . .  –Laurence  (4-13-06)

Hi Michael, I just wanted to let you know that your latest post (as of Saturday morning) was really good. Nothing like a chuckle …   –Calvin (4-29-06)

You are right.  . . . .  I pray that your reputation as a christian man, a business man, a father, and husband will be built up and exonerated.  Howard  5-5-05

I only know you through reading Vision 2020 and Pooh’s think.  I have come to admire you and watched your struggle this past year with a mixture of horror and amusement.  I am constantly amazed at your willinginess to put yourself out there in search of answers.  –Carla (5-14-06)

I’ve referred many people to Poohs Think and they read it and they’re eyes are opened. Keep up the good work. –Joe  (5-15-06)

You have done an excellent job and I think you will make an excellent scholar and teacher. –Sara  (5-16-06)

At Logos (Moscow, Idaho), I was taught how to read through the lies of politicians, orators, and debaters.  It’s amazing how I can now use those tools against the very men who taught me–and even if you pointed it out to them, they’d refuse to still tell the truth. . . .And you are the person that is leading the rest to face the light of truth. And [you are hated] for it. . . Thanks for taking a stand, Michael.  –Mary (6-6-06)

Dear Michael, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your integrity, honesty, and humility.  You could not be more rational, compassionate, or sane. You have been a great comfort to those of us who continue to speak for what we think Moscow should be…a tolerant, loving community where people support each other no matter what their differences, beliefs, or lack of beliefs.  It makes me so sad to see the world turned topsy turvy by Wilson, Atwood, et al and I hope that Moscow will remain the decent community it has always been.  Thank you again for speaking out…you are kind and generous and very much appreciated by those of us who read, but do not jump into the fray.  We appreciate your willingness to do so. Thank you. –Nancy (7-4-06)

I enjoyed your Covenant and Knowledge piece. Your argument on how words are used and the necessity to return to the language of scripture reminded me of that hackneyed phrase, “war of words”  –Kevin (7-11-06)

I have been reading a little on your blog. I must admit I do not understand all . . . Keep up the work.   –Another Kirker (7-18-06)

If Doug Wilson was a dinner dish the recipe, I imagine, would start something like this; mix in these tactics, two cups of delusional grandeur, and baste regularly with synchophants …Hope things are holding up well for you and yours. –Harry (7-20-06)

HI.  I am . . . trying to defend the interests of a young rape victim within our congregation.  . . .The rest has been a steady downward spiral into secrecy, manipulation (to keep the offense “private” at all costs) and , as of last night, overt anger over our failure to “trust” the process. . . I am both frightened and encouraged by your blog, as you sound willing to be open about the wounds inflicted on the Body.  I seek counsel on how to address what we now perceive as abusive behavior toward everyone who . . . –Sandra (7-24-06)

Bottom line: You aren’t crazy, you aren’t deceived, you aren’t delusional, you see it how it is and that is why they hate you. You are shaking up Wilson and one thing a man like him can’t tolerate is getting found out. He wants to lurk in the shadows and pretend to be mr. righteous but he can’t fool everyone. He didn’t fool you, Terry Morin, Charles Nolan, etc. The kirkers hate you because you are shaking up their delusional dream world where everything is roses and Mr Wilson is their God.  –Sam (7-28-06)

Your blog is intriguing. –Todd (8-2-06)

I applaud your courage in posting today’s article on Pooh’s Think.  You have done your homework. –Rosy (8-3-06)

Many thanks for your blog.  It has helped me to see what’s been obvious. –Susan (8-16-06)

I want you to know that your criticism today of abstract covenantalism is right on target. These men never seem to have met a deductive argument they didn’t like (or didn’t invent), but careful induction is something almost foreign to them. They really don’t know what covenant is — it’s just a catch-all abstraction for them in their fairy-land inventions.  . . . I always read your work with interest. Keep writing.   –A well known protestant religious leader (8-31-06)

Michael, thanks for your thoughts on Wilson’s use of the word “infidel”.  I read that yesterday and e-mailed a couple of the kirkers who write to V2020 to ask their ideas, since asking Wilson himself would be fruitless.  Harry responded in a very testy manner, Fred was more gracious, but I still received no answer.  Your explanation helps.  Thanks again.  –Richard   (9-1-06)

Your note today is right on target. –Steve (9-1-06)

Awesome insights. Hit it right on the head. People are social and not rational . . . Keep up the good work.  –Charles (9-7-06)

I continue to follow your blog and respect your courage.  This morning your post on paedo – communion serves as a splendid summary of the self-serving mechanisms of the Wilson machine.  –Abraham (9 -12-06)

I just wanted to share why I thought your blog is important because of what we went through.  I would rather not expose anything to the public in order to protect my son.   I just really appreciate that you are willing to stand up for what is right and to take a lot of heat for it.  I am sure it is not comfortable especially since you were part of Wilson’s group.  I was shocked when I found out that these things had taken place . . .  –Lisa (9-15-06)

I stumbled on your blog a few days ago. I have lots of thoughts about it–which I don’t have time to put down now, but hope to in the future. In general I enjoy reading it, and I’m glad it exists. –A philosophy PhD student (9-23-06)

I appreciate the work you’ve done at Pooh’s [1] Think. –Nelson (9-27-06)

Does your hypocrisy know any bounds?  . . . you practice deeds of darkness.  [coming from the opposition, I took this as a compliment] (10-5-06)

Excellent post . –Howard (10-14-06)

Thank you for your two recent posts 10-6

I liked the article on bullshit [the book] . . . Keep the people thinking. –A Kirker  (10-13-06)

I really appreciated your post on gender. Your negative analysis of traditional patriarchalism is, to my eyes, spot on the money; the hermeneutic points you make seem beyond reproof.  –a philosophy PhD student (10-15-06)

Great post.  –Neil  (10-15-06)

I’ve just found your Pooh’s Think blog and am really enjoying reading your insights and comments. –Doug (10-24-06)

I want to encourage you to continue to stand firm in what you are saying.  I want you to know that you have at least one more person out there who neither wavers on the side of blissful ignorance (”Maybe if I just keep quiet, wisdom will prevail, and erring ways will correct themselves…”) nor on the side of disgusted apathy (”This is all too much to keep track of! One head slain and two more born! Screw this!”). –Yet another PhD student in philosophy (10-29-06)

I know you’re busy, Michael, but keep up the good work. –Edward (11-7-06)

It seems that you are getting worse every time you post. That is, you used to be able to kinda follow the argument. Has your hatred and bitterness corrupted your ability to understand a simple point? Wilson’s point is not there is nothing wrong with evil, that there is no “problem of evil,” but that given [Sam] Harris’ presuppositions he is unable to ACCOUNT for them. Doug is not denying that Harris feels badly about evil. Have you never listened to Doug debate the atheists?  Of course, you have. You are just reaching every day to justify your pig-headed, disrespectful behavior. Anyone who has actually read Wilson knows that you are full of it and you are now only in the slander business. IF you really don’t see the point of the rhetorical questions Doug has asked of Harris then my former observations above, that you are bitter to the point of blindness, must be true.

If you are going to argue with Doug’s posts you should at least be able to follow his arguments. I hope all the best for you and your family. You have my permission to post this to your site.   –A very old friend and a kirker (11-9-06)

Hi and thank you! As difficult as the bizarre situations seem to be, your blog and your willingness to talk with me have added a measure of hope. –Rebecca (11-10-06)

Enjoy reading your blog entries, keep firing away!  Robert (11-14-06)

I enjoyed your latest post on Patrick Henry College. Sound thoughts from abroad!  –Billy (11-20-06)

You offered a great analysis on today’s post. –David (12-6-06)

I offer you congratulations again on an analysis which was well done and insightful to many.  You have a keen mind with an ability to scrutinize detail. I have no intention of pretending we are friends or have history.  However, I know you have taken a beating for your last post, and your ongoing commentary.  I am grateful for that last post.  –Gary  (12-7-06)

I truly appreciate your desire for the truth.  –Steven.  (12-10-06)

Wonderful posts that you’ve written!  –Douglas (12-18-06)

Silly old bear! If yooh are so deloohded as tooh dedoohce that an embarassingly joohvenile and gratoohitous slap at kinists is going tooh win yooh many koohdos from even reasonably thoughtful readers then yooh are more scroohed up by your time in the kirk kilt than I previously knooh.   –A racist kinist (12-21-06)

Michael Metzler and poohsthink with more great-sense commentary. Thanks once again for posting some clear thinking, Mr. Metzler.  –Matt (12-23-06)

I have, of course, continued to read Pooh’s think and have enjoyed your series on the Oresteia. I have very conflicting feeling for that particular work as I had to read the Libation Bearers in the original . . .  not one of the easiest things to translate. . . thanks for re exposing me to it. It’s not as painful as I remember. –Frank (1-10-07)

I have been very entertained by your well-written expose of the ongoing feuds between Harry Seabrook & the Epsteins versus Doug Phillips and R.C. Sproul, etc.  Your piece reads like a detective novel. . . your journalistic talents are considerable and you have presented a very well-researched case!  –Sally (1-20-07)

Oh, Michael I just read your new post on Pooh’s Think.  Yay!  Thank you, thank you. . . for the Truth revealed.  –Mary (1-21-07)

You’re doing good work, pooh.  Best wishes on the thesis. –Matthew (2-3-07)

I think your posts are cerebral and challenging and I hope to continue to learn a few more thought-provoking things from your blog.  Thank you for your posts.  –A home schooling mom (2-3-07)

I again aver my admiration for your continuing to expose Wilson and his Associates for what they are despite your having to pay a hefty price for merely telling the truth. –Stephen (2-5-07)

Wow!  Michael, just read this article on Pooh’s Think and you have summed up in the words that I could not find exactly what I think about this issue of patriarchy and egalitarianism. Another home schooling mom (2-?-07)

Through Michael Meltzer’s excellent blog, Pooh’s Think [2], we learned an illuminating post [3] and terrific set of comments [4] reacting to Cave’s article on yet another superb blog, The Garden of Forking Paths [5].   –Harvard Law’s The Situationists [6] [the real identity] (4-29?-07)




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